Proper home deck maintenance

A home whether it made of wood or composite material is bound to start showing some wear and tear over time. Outdoor decks, after all, are exposed day in and day out to the elements: heat, cold, sunshine, rain, sleet, hail and snow. In some climates, the decks might have to withstand inches of precipitation and a thirty- or forty-degree temperature shift all within a single day. As building materials expand and contract with temperature changes and absorb or repel moisture while also withstanding the effects of dryness, some damage is bound to occur. To determine whether your deck requires maintenance, you must consider how old it is, what material it’s made from, and the condition in which it stands. Contractors can assess you on deciding what job needs to done depending on the material of your deck. Pressure washing equipment can be rented if that is the method you want to use to clean up your deck. Although, you might want to consider hiring a professional, because using washing equipment is harder than one might think. Using a wrong chemical can cause more harm than good.

Check and be safe

If you are unsure about using the pressure washer, it is best if you contact a local pressure washing service to do the job for you to prevent any damage. Whether you are getting ready to sell your house, looking at buying a house, or just want to know if it is safe to continue to use your deck until your budget allows for an upgrade. Whether you built it yourself or hired professionals to do it for you, there’s something special about a great backyard deck. It’s where you relax on warm summer nights, host cookouts with friends, and soak up the sun on weekends. So, if you want a deck that’s safe, sturdy, and looks great in your backyard, you need to know how to take proper care of it. Humidity can cause the wood to shift and loosen up some of the nails. These loose nails tend to pop out of the wood, presenting both a safety hazard and an eyesore.

Sanding makes perfect

Sanding is like exfoliating your deck to give it a more youthful, fresh-faced look. Whether your deck has been painted way back and it’s starting to peel or your deck’s natural wood finish is getting dull, sanding can breathe new life into an ageing deck. As the years go by, wooden decks tend to develop a greyish hue and begin to feel rough to the touch. Make sure you only sand on days with a clear forecast, as sanded wood is particularly vulnerable. If it gets wet before you have a chance to re-seal it, you’ll have to go back and sand it all over again. If portions of your deck have become discolored due to moisture from potted plants, you can use a non-chlorine bleaching product or one containing oxalic acid to lighten or even eliminate the stain. These products are also good for treating patches of mold or mildew that may have been caused by puddles of water. Note that it’s also important to clean your deck on a regular basis by sweeping away puddles, snow, leaves and other debris. Keeping up with this on at least a monthly basis, or better yet a weekly one, and it will prolong the life of your deck and make your annual deep-cleaning job easier.

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