Creating an outdoor deck design above a walkout patio

One of the joys of creating custom outdoor living spaces is seeing how it can truly transform a property and how the homeowners utilize their space. With every project, we consult with our clients and discuss their needs, tastes and budgets. Empty-nesters that are looking for a quiet space to have their morning coffee will have different needs than the family of 5 that like to spend every weekend entertaining friends and family. When the space doesn’t fit the family is when we see those structures go unused. To build an outdoor living space that will meet your needs over time, you need to dream big. Start by thinking of everything you think you’ll need and want—even if you can’t afford it right now. For example, will your patio eventually include an outdoor kitchen? Know where your electrical and plumbing lines will go. If you plan on installing a pool in your backyard someday, consider this in your deck design. In an age of DIY home remodeling, you might be tempted to build an outdoor living space on your own.

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Just remember that any outdoor home remodeling project you see on television or online is never as easy as it seems. An experienced builder has the knowledge, experience, tools, and equipment needed to create an outdoor living space that complements your existing home and meets all safety and code requirements. Decking boards are the base of a deck, but they can also be a beautiful design component. Our designers often place the boards in different patterns to define space or to make a deck a little more unique. We may use different color decking boards as well to add visual interest. Take deck for example; the boards were installed at different angles throughout the space. It enhances the space by helping to define each section of the deck. A deck provides many opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors with friends and family. And when it comes to deck design, your options are almost limitless. A bi-level, curved deck features enough wraparound seating to accommodate all of your outdoor party guests!

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The two-toned decking and fire feature provide additional visual intrigue. While house layout as well as the backyard terrain will dictate the design of outdoor decks, this homeowner created a large open deck design perfect for gathering or even dancing if they so desire. The smaller upper deck is perfect for the grill and a family that likely does as many dinner nights on it as possible. Consider the stairs – stairs are another area for subtle deck design. Whether it’s using different colors for the horizontal and vertical components or placing them at an interesting angle, it all matters. These stairs, for example, are cornered and take up more space, but they create a more open looking entrance to the deck. The best patio and deck design ideas are often found in the details. Make sure you talk to your deck builder about your style so that he/she can create something that you will love.

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