Privacy Fence Installation: Is it Right for You?

The right privacy fence type can really add a healthy dose of curb appeal and enhance the look of your home. A beautiful front yard fence frames a home, and with a fresh coat of paint or decorative finish, it becomes a form of creative expression, not just a boundary. But which kind should you install and which fence is right for you? There are a few factors to consider when deciding what fence will work for you and your home. First, what is the main purpose of the fence? If it’s to keep your dog in the yard, you’ll need to consider the size of the dog. A fence with narrowly spaced pickets may be better for a smaller dog, and a taller fence would likely be a smarter pick for a larger dog or a dog that is known to jump. If you’re looking for a fence for pool safety, there are certain fences that meet “pool code,” which you’ll need to consider. Maybe you’re looking for some seclusion from the neighbors. In that case, check out privacy fencing options. Maybe you have critters like deer or coyotes around that you want to deter from the garden, or maybe you just want some privacy.

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There are lots of reasons for wanting to put up a fence around your yard, but not all fences are created equal. If the space where you want to put the fence is actually on your neighbor’s property, you can talk to them and potentially come to an agreement that the fence is ok with them. Be sure to have them sign something proving that they agree to this, however. You should also check to see what fence type others in your neighborhood have already installed. If picket fences are the style that everyone seems to have, maybe choosing a picket fence of your own is your best bet. Or maybe you’d rather stand out among the crowd and go for something totally different. If you live in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association, there may be restrictions on what kind of fence you can have. It would be best to check on that first to make sure you know what your options are.

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Another major factor to consider is your house itself. A white picket fence would look great with a cottage or Cape Cod style home, but can you imagine a white picket fence with an ornate Victorian home? It might look a little silly – a Victorian would probably be better served by a statelier looking aluminum fence. If you’re having your fence installed, your salesperson can help you decide what style will fit best with your home and your needs. When it comes to selecting your fence materials, you don’t want to go too far on the cheap side. If your top priority is privacy, then you can’t beat the continuity of wood planks that keep your house protected from looked-looks like a fortress. Before you give your contractor the green light to start building, you need to know your property lines. To do this, use your home’s plat (the map of your plot of land and boundaries). If you don’t have it, head down to the county assessor’s office or call in a land surveyor to get you the right measurements.

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